Mitsubishi Sensia Reach Trucks


A warehouse can only perform as effectively as its trucks and their drivers. That’s why every Mitsubishi reach truck is specially engineered to take any operator’s performance to the next level. Generous on operator space and comfort, SENSiA drives productivity higher through its futuristic fingertip control system – the most sensitive and accurate in the world. With its progressive, modulated fingertip response curves, it delivers a ‘feel’ and an accuracy that put drivers in total control. Together with the BE ergonomic armrest, SENSiA ensures operators stay focused, safe and productive – even through the longest shifts.

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Sensia Range

1.4 – 2.5 tonnes SENSiA EM Reach Trucks

2.0 – 2.5 SENSiA EX Multi-Way Reach Trucks

Sensia EM

With class-leading travel speeds of up to 14km/h, SENSiA EM reach trucks are easily tailored to your needs with a choice of three performance modes. While experienced drivers will fully exploit the high-performance capability of the Professional (PRO) mode, new or inexperienced warehouse staff will respond to the Ecologic (ECO) mode which has been configured to work naturally and economically in any environment. For more specific needs, the truck’s settings can be customised by a service engineer.

Sensia EX

The Mitsubishi SENSiA EX multi-way reach truck range is ideal for precise and intuitive handling of wide and unusual loads of up to 2500 kg – and lifting up to 10 metres – in narrow aisles and on long shifts. Six multi-directional travel modes, all-wheel steering and braking and powerful AC traction combine to deliver exceptionally agile, high-intensity performance. Its wide forks make long handling exact and effortless. Comfortable and spacious, the award-winning SENSiA cabin, SDS and operator controls provides excellent all-round visibility and minimises operator fatigue.

Key Features


  • High efficiency regenerative braking means effective control and reduced brake wear.
  • Load wheel brakes give extra braking power and deliver agile performance (H and X models only).


  • Powerful AC drive motor provides high torque, even at fast speeds, for rapid acceleration and smooth, quiet, controlled, efficient operation – and lowers service costs.
  • High energy drive motors and hydraulic systems deliver exceptional shift length between charges or changes.
  • Choice of two driving modes (ECO and PRO) tailors the truck’s performance profile to your precise needs.
  • PRO mode with high performance settings gives experienced operators complete control of the truck’s efficiency and performance.
  • ECO driving mode encourages natural, efficient operations – reducing fuel costs.
  • Cornering control optimises speed on curves for efficient and stable performance even at fast travel speeds.
  • Six multiway driving modes, instantly selected by keypad – reach truck, lateral, parallel, auto-transition, rotational and agile cornering.
  • Mitsubishi SDS (Sensitive Drive System) provides intuitive driver-assist with graduated performance management according to steer angle, foot and finger actuator velocity – significantly contributing to safety.
  • Wide drive wheel provides dependable traction and heat distribution to extend wheel life.
  • Next-generation 360° load wheels with independently controlled steer motors.
  • Load wheels turn within chassis leg profile for added protection of wheels and loads.
  • Powerful AC drive motors and ZAPI controller.


  • Sensitive Drive System (SDS) offers precise control of mast and truck behaviours for accurate, smooth and stable performance.
  • Passive Sway Control (PSC) significantly reduces the risk of sway to safeguard lives and loads.
  • Award-winning Active Sway Control (ASC) available as an option offers further protection, reducing delays caused by mast sway, and ensures accurate, smooth and stable performance.
  • CAN bus system reduces wiring and makes fault finding quick and simple.
  • Maintenance interval calculator encourages correct servicing, for optimum component life and minimum downtime.
  • Temperature control in drive and lift motors and controllers – prevents damage from overheating.
  • Tilting battery cover gives quick, easy access for maintenance and charging.
  • Battery rollers make changes quick, easy and safe.
  • AC power on all motors delivers smooth performance, high torque and precise control – through the longest shifts.
  • High performance ZAPI motor drive controller delivers robust and efficient traction control.
  • Site-specific performance characteristics are quickly set by service engineer.
  • DIN standard battery compartment for widest choice of motive power.
  • Broad battery change rollers are standard in all models.
  • Six multiway travel modes, instantly selected by keypad – reach truck, lateral, parallel, auto-transition, rotational and agile cornering.


  • Exceptional visibility through clear-view overhead guard ensures precise handling with total confidence.
  • Choice of 2000kg and 2500kg capacities for optimum application configuration.
  • Robust chassis and carriage construction for inherent strength and high residual values.
  • Strong battery lock mechanism contributes to safety.
  • RapidAccess ‘tilt-swing’ access panels, seat and steering column provide quick and easy access to inside the truck.


  • Powerful AC hydraulic motor with extra-strength pump on H models provides high torque for rapid but smooth – and controlled – lifting and lowering.
  • Mitsubishi SDS provides extremely accurate, intuitive control of hydraulic functions.
  • Quick and easy access for routine fluid level checks.


  • Revolutionary VisionMast offers unrivalled forward vision and superb lifting ability.
  • Clear-view fork carriage with integral side shift offers optimal visibility of forks at first stacking level.
  • Exceptionally smooth ‘no knock’ transition between mast stages – ideal for handling fragile goods – ensures controlled performance.
  • Smooth mast handling system on lift and reach for steady, predictable and precise handling.
  • Wide fork positioner with up to 2200mm spread and fork tilt for handling both long loads and standard pallets.
  • Passive Sway Control dampens any elevated load motion by allowing the chassis to move slightly to compensate.
  • Impressive mast lift and lower speeds empowers high productivity.
  • Electronic mast cushioning at top and bottom of travel avoids end-of-range jolting and further reduces load oscillation.
  • Long-life reach roller rails and rapid part exchange minimises maintenance hours. Lift heights up to 10 metres for higher handling.
  • Lift height indicator on main screen display.


  • Spacious and comfortable cabin, clear view and fast, accurate fork positioning increases productivity and reduces risks of driver fatigue – even on the longest shifts.
  • Easy-access cabin with ergonomic hand bars and low non-slip step provides safe and effortless entry.
  • Folding steering wheel console with adjustment for column length and angle, lifts up for easy access and ensures optimum position for each driver.
  • Full-suspension, fully adjustable seat keeps driver safe, comfortable and alert through the longest shifts. (Luxury seat with lumbar support, electrical height adjustment and air or mechanical suspension is available as option.)
  • Ergonomic armrest matches driver’s natural operating position and is fully adjustable – reducing fatigue.
  • Multifunctional armrest controls prevent unnecessary finger movements for safe and productive operations. Patented fingertip control system with modulated response curves is optimised for natural movement – for precise, effortless control.
  • Easy-to-understand display communicates key information to driver including guidance, warnings and alarms – encouraging good practice.
  • Low noise technology means sound level at operator’s ear is no louder than a typical conversation.
  • Multi-functional armrest with four-fingertip control keeps control for reach, lift, tilt, fork positioning, direction and horn all at the driver’s constant touch.
  • Multi-way-mode keypad control is within driver’s easy reach – for easy selection of its 6 travel modes.
  • Cabin shape keeps operator within truck profile to help protect from injury. Safety pedal requires minimal pressure but ensures the driver’s leg is not outside truck profile in operation.
  • EcoLogic and Professional modes (ECO/PRO) are quickly selectable by operator for extended shift life or enhanced performance.
  • Ergonomic pedal set design is specially weighted, sized, angled, curved and grooved for natural use and minimal fatigue.
  • Clearview overhead guard has slim angled slats for optimal driver upward view with uncompromised safety.
  • Solid overhead guard panel above driver for additional safety without restricting visibility.
  • Low-effort, small-radius steering wheel is comfortably positioned and effortless to operate.
  • Wide, deep and low step for easy driver access.
  • Generous driver storage spaces for documents, tools, pens etc.
  • QuickLocker for convenient stowage of small items.
  • Removable cup/drink holder for easy, hygienic cleaning.
  • Low dashboard allows unobstructed forwards view to low loads.
  • SoftTouch cabin surfaces contribute to a comfortable working environment.
  • Multi-lingual screen in over 20 languages.
  • Twin entrance handgrips widen driver approach angle and increase operator protection.
  • Contactless pedal sensor delivers long service life.
  • Unlimited 360-degree all-wheel steering gives precise control with minimal effort.
  • Progressive steering enables easy manoeuvring at low speeds and effortless control when moving at speed.


  • Unlimited 360-degree electric steering gives precise control with minimal effort.
  • Progressive steering enables easy manoeuvring at low speeds and effortless control when moving at speed.


  • Onboard weighing system (+/- 50kg) helps driver to identify overweight loads.
  • Load check scale (+/- 50kg) helps driver to identify overweight loads.
  • BlueSpot pedestrian warning system alerts co-workers to trucks operating nearby.
  • Working/drive lights to improve visibility in dark environments.
  • Wide choice of seats, armrests and headrests for maximum comfort and maximum fatigue.
  • Convenient USB Power socket for phone charging or other 5V personal equipment.
  • Audio system and 3.5mm input jack for MP3 player etc.


  • Choice of fork positioner widths (1700mm or 2200mm)
  • Choice of key switch or PIN code access
  • Choice of 2000kg and 2500kg capacities
  • Choice of masts up to 10.0m
  • Extra hydraulic valve and hosing to fork carriage
  • Telescopic forks
  • Camera with monitor
  • Lifting height indicator and pre height selector
  • Side shift and tilt centering
  • Choice of suspension seats (air or mechanical)
  • Audio system with AUX input
  • Scale (tolerance +/- 25 kg)
  • Quick battery locking system, foot operated
  • Cold store modification package
  • Hot environment modification
  • DC/DC converter with USB power supply for mobile or PC
  • Customer name/logo/artwork on side panels
  • Company or brand designed side covers
  • Cold store cabin (Not available for compact ‘C’ models)

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