2.0 – 2.5 SENSIA EX


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The Mitsubishi SENSiA EX multi-way reach truck range is ideal for precise and intuitive handling of wide and unusual loads of up to 2500 kg – and lifting up to 10 metres – in narrow aisles and on long shifts.

Six multi-directional travel modes, all-wheel steering and braking and powerful AC traction combine to deliver exceptionally agile, high-intensity performance. Its wide forks make long handling exact and effortless.

Comfortable and spacious, the award-winning SENSiA cabin, SDS and operator controls provides excellent all-round visibility and minimises operator fatigue.

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Key Features

Mitsubishi SDS (Sensitive Drive System) provides intuitive driver-assist with graduated performance management according to steer angle, foot and finger actuator velocity – significantly contributing to safety.

Choice of 2000kg and 2500kg capacities for optimum application configuration.

AC power on all motors delivers smooth performance, high torque and precise control – through the longest shifts.

Six multiway driving modes, instantly selected by keypad – reach truck, lateral, parallel, auto-transition, rotational and agile cornering.

Wide fork positioner with up to 2200mm spread and fork tilt for handling both long loads and standard pallets.

Lift heights up to 10 metres for higher handling.

Smooth mast handling system on lift and reach for steady, predictable and precise handling.

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