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Used Cleaning Equipment


Here at Multy Lift, we have a wide range of different pieces of commercial cleaning equipment available. Regardless of the industry you work in, we will have an industrial cleaning solution that will seamlessly meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Whether you work in a warehouse, or a supermarket, a leisure centre or a hospital, we will have an industrial cleaning machine available that will suit your operations.

Commercial cleaning equipment from Hako is high-quality and robust, making these machines ideal for continued use, even when it comes to cleaning the most soiled of floors. Essentially, commercial cleaning equipment from us here at Multy Lift makes short work of cleaning any surface, providing you with superior results every single time.

Purchase commercial cleaning equipment for warehouses

If you purchase commercial cleaning equipment for your warehouse, you’ll be able to keep your premises as safe as possible for your employees. Ensuring your floors are clean and deris-free means that there will be fewer trip hazards, meaning a reduced risk of slips and falls. This is the case regardless of whether you work in a warehouse or not, because commercial cleaning equipment near you will provide any industry with the ultimate cleaning solution.

We have an extensive range of different industrial cleaning machines from Hako, including pedestrian scrubber dryers, pedestrian sweepers, ride-on scrubber dryers and ride-on sweepers. We are also able to offer our customers throughout the UK with high-quality commercial cleaning chemicals to ensure complete sanitation and cleanliness across all of your floors. Whether you work with abrasive solutions or food and drink, we will have a cleaning chemical on offer that will effectively rid your premises of any spillage.

Industrial cleaning equipment available

Part of running or managing a business involves ensuring the cleanliness of your premises. Many businesses, including supermarkets, construction companies, manufacturing firms and distribution centres, to name just a few industries, will choose to implement an array of different commercial cleaning machines. Multy Lift are proud to be registered Hako dealers, because they offer high-calibre commercial cleaning equipment for any industry.

There are several reasons as to why a business owner would choose to acquire commercial cleaning equipment from Multy Lift, including: helping to cut down on labour costs, reducing time spent manually cleaning the floors, reducing dust and allergens that bellows into the air and it minimises the risk of trips, slips and falls. These are just some of the advantages that come with implementing industrial cleaning equipment near you.

If you would like further information about the commercial cleaning equipment for purchase from us here at Multy Lift, get in touch with a member of our professional, knowledgeable team today – we have over three decades of experience in the material handling industry, so we can always be counted upon to deliver excellent solutions with sterling results when you need it most.

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