Warehouse Racking

new Warehouse RAcking

Pallet Racking is an excellent way to maximise storage space and make the most of every section of your warehouse. At Multy Lift we have over 30 years’ experience in the Material Handling Industry and we’ve worked alongside some of the best warehouse racking companies in the UK. Together with our partners, we can provide tailor made racking to fit every inch of your premises, as well as the exact equipment required to work within your newly designed warehouse to suit your industry specific needs. Racking should always be based around the type of equipment you require in order to ensure optimum usage of space available and provide smooth flow of goods throughout your operation. Experienced teams carry out high quality site surveys followed by a tailor made design and 3-D modelling service to show how you can increase your storage space to suit the size, weight and volume of pallets, whilst still being easily and safely accessible. Installation of your racking will be agreed in advance to ensure minimal disruption to your operation and their continued service long in to the future will provide ongoing maintenance and repairs when necessary.

Installing the correct racking system in your warehouse can make the most of your space and even reduce the need to relocate to larger premises, which can incur huge additional costs. By working closely with our trusted partners, we can provide you with the correct forklift truck or warehouse equipment to suit your exact needs, ensure smooth running of your business and work within the parameters set by your new racking system. Pallet Racking is ideal for a multitude of industries and we can provide a wide range of racking systems to suit every application. Whether you require a forklift truck, articulated truck, order picker, reach truck or other type of warehouse equipment; Multy Lift can enable a smooth flow of goods and ensure your new equipment can work to your warehouse’s full capacity.

Racking can be beneficial to a wide range of industries including but not limited to pharmaceutical, chemicals, retail, textiles, joinery, builders merchants, automotive, food production, distribution, logistics and furniture.

If you would like any more information on the types of Racking available or if you’d like to enquire about finding the right equipment to work within your business, call us on 01623 794 094 or complete an enquiry form.

Warehouse Racking
Wide aisle racking

Wide Aisle Racking

Wide Aisle Racking, also known as standard pallet racking or adjustable pallet racking (APR), is one of the most popular types of racking due to its simple, versatile design, making it suitable to a number of different industries. This style of racking gives you the ability to directly access each pallet individually by using the first-in, first-out method (FIFO method). With its durable, adaptable design it can easily handle any changes in size or shape of stored goods and be reconfigured to grow with your business. As this racking doesn’t require specialised material handling equipment, this can reduce costs. We can work with our partners to provide the best forklift trucks and warehouse equipment to suit your racking specifications and ensure maximum use of your storage space. Wide Aisle Racking is good for when speed is needed to select stock quickly because the aisle width allows forklifts and warehouse equipment to work easily within the aisles.
Double Deep racking

Double Deep racking

Double-Deep Racking is similar to Wide Aisle Racking or Standard Racking by using adjustable steel frames and beams but allows for two pallets deep at the pick face rather than one, which offers increased storage density. This method utilises the LIFO method (last-in, first-out). Due to pallets being stored further back than standard racking, this method of racking requires specialised equipment or specialised attachments in order to place and retrieve the pallets on the back row. Multy Lift are able to provide you with a range of solutions to work efficiently with your racking layout. You can use a Reach Truck, an Articulated Truck or a forklift truck with telescopic forks, which allow the forks to extend in order to reach further back on the racking than standard fixed forks. We can provide a full site survey and work alongside our partners in order to offer you the most cost effective way to optimise space and aid a smooth flow of goods throughout your warehouse.
Narrow Aisle racking

Narrow Aisle racking

Narrow Aisle Racking, also known as Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking, is a great alternative to multi-bay racking. It has the same efficient use of storage space with the added feature of storage heights over 10m and reduction in aisle widths by up to 50% compared to wide aisle racking. Narrow Aisle Racking is one of the best racking solutions for maximising the capacity of your warehouse if your space is at a premium and you require a dense storage solution. This method of pallet racking allows for better utilisation of the available floor space by up to 45% more than standard racking but still allows easy access to all pallets, which in turn offers great stock rotation. This type of racking requires the use of an articulated VNA truck (Very Narrow Aisle) to work within the narrow aisles and further optimise the space available by working faster and lifting higher than a normal counterbalance truck. Rails or wires at floor level guide the truck safely through the aisles to increase safety and reduce the chances of accidental damage. Very Narrow Aisle forklift trucks are able to work within aisle widths of just 1.6m and can lift capacities up to 2.5 tonnes at heights up to 15m. Here at Multy Lift we can work alongside our racking contacts to provide the perfect solution to better utilise your floor space and work efficiently within the parameters set by your new racking.
Drive In Racking

Drive-In Racking

Drive-In Racking is ideal when storing large quantities of the same type of goods and offers the maximum volume of pallet spaces with a much smaller footprint than other methods of racking, as it doesn’t have any aisles. This system is ideal for large, heavy, delicate or unstable items due to every pallet being supported individually, which also eliminates the chances of any damage occurring. Drive-In pallet racking is best suited to warehouses with a small range of different items or seasonal demand items which have large input and output volumes at different times. This method is often used in cold stores for both refrigerated and frozen goods by utilising the maximum amount of space available. This reduces the costs of maintaining temperature in the controlled environment. Pallets are stored by the last-in, first-out method, also known as the LIFO method, which means pallets cannot be accessed directly, only one-by-one from the front of the rack. This type of racking doesn’t require the use of specialised equipment so a regular Mitsubishi counterbalance truck is perfect for easily driving in to each lane to pick and place the pallets.
Drive Through Racking


Drive-Through / Drive-Thru Racking is different to Drive-In racking as it has a separate point for pallet entry and exit. This type of racking is ideal if you have date sensitive pallets as it operates the FIFO method (also known as the first in, first out method). Pallets are loaded one behind the other on each level and the first pallet loaded on one side of the structure on to the rail system will be the first pallet unloaded on the opposite side of the racking. Due to its compact design, drive-through racking provides a denser storage capacity and a much smaller footprint than other methods of racking. Unlike drive-in racking, drive-through racking requires an extra aisle at the opposite end to allow for the unloading of pallets, which eliminates extra pallet storage space. However, due to its efficient design, stock is rotated automatically and pallets don’t need to be handled more than once, as you can be sure you’re always picking the first pallet.
Mobile Racking

Mobile Racking

Mobile Racking is a wheeled racking system which electronically moves along embedded rails in the floor, to open and close aisles when needed. Due to mobility of the racks, this system allows individual pallet access and maximum use of floor space by only having one aisle open for picking at a time. By using a control panel or a remote control, the user can open the required aisle whilst keeping all the other racks closed and compact. This method allows only one aisle to be active at a time, which may not suit certain industries. It is often used in cold stores for both chilled and frozen goods, as it offers high density storage space which can minimise energy bills. In addition to this, mobile racking doesn’t require specialised material handling equipment so we can provide you with the most cost effective equipment to work within your warehouse and further reduce costs.
Push Back Racking


Push-Back Racking is a great way of utilising the space available and is capable of storing several pallets deep on each level. This form of storage features tracks tilted forward to about 4degrees so when a forklift truck pushes a pallet in to the bay, the one behind is pushed back to allow space for the pallet to be safely stored. When a pallet is removed from the front, the pallets behind roll forwards at a controlled speed to take its place at the picking face for easy and efficient access. Pallets are loaded and unloaded from the same aisle and pick face which reduces cycle time, truck travelling distances and costs. This system uses the first-in, last-out method, also known as the FILO method which prevents direct access to any pallets further back but it’s ideal for fast moving goods and can handle any size or shape of pallet. Push-Back Racking is a brilliant solution for making use of spaces above cross-aisles or around dock levellers, which otherwise would be unusable.
Cantilever Racking


Cantilever Racking is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, for long or wide loads which don’t fit on regular pallets. This type of racking supports and stores the load safely with the ability to adapt to any change in loads. With the ability to store the load lengthways with support arms, this allows for easy storage and access by forklift truck. Timber, pipes, scrap vehicles and worktops are just a few of the many products which can benefit from being stored on Cantilever Racking. Depending on your requirements and the access needed to each load, this method of storage can even be mobilised on embedded rails and manoeuvred with a remote control or control panel. This can further optimise the space available by having only one aisle open at a time and all the others closed and compact whilst still being easily accessible. At Multy Lift we can provide the correct forklift trucks to manoeuvre your load safely and efficiently. You will have the ability to lift a wide range of weights and sizes of load as well as being able to work both inside and outside to reduce costs of requiring multiple trucks and in turn increase productivity within your business.