Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine Floors

If you need more space but don’t want to move premises or need flexible working spaces all under one roof then a Mezzanine Floor could be the perfect solution for you. Multy Lift works with some of the best mezzanine floor installation companies in the UK and together we can increase your work space and provide the correct equipment to ensure smooth running of your business. If you’d like more information on Mezzanine Floors or equipment suitable for working on and around mezzanine floors, call us on 01623 794 094 or complete an enquiry form.

If your premises have high ceilings then a self-supporting mezzanine floor could be the option to double or even triple your floor area with minimum disruption. With the flexibility of this structure it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture so it can move and grow with your business. Our partner company will provide a full site survey with clear drawings of your proposed structure dependent on your requirements.

Whether you need extra storage space for your stock, partitioned private office space for your staff or increased sales floor for goods, this could be the option for you. In addition to this, our partners also offer full fire protection and safety barriers as well as different options and accessories to tailor your mezzanine floor to your company. Optional extras can be incorporated into your design, including access walkways, maintenance support platforms, company colour schemed handrails, staircases, cat ladders, bridges and pallet gates.

Mezzanine Floors are a cost-effective way of increasing work space or sales area without having to move to new premises, which incurs additional costs. This allows mezzanine floors to be a flexible benefit to a multitude of businesses including workshops, warehouses, commercial units, retail units and offices. Dependant on the height of your building, single or multi-tier structures can be installed to make the most of your available space and they don’t always require planning permission. Whether you require a functional mezzanine floor with a staircase, handrails and pallet gates to store your goods, or a more refined design with brushed silver handrails and glass panels to showcase your retail products, our partners can tailor your design to your exacting requirements.

Mezzanine Floors are a popular choice in warehouses looking to expand within their existing premises. Our partners can also manufacture conveyor systems which can be installed at the same time to enable a smooth flow of products through your warehouse on a single level or from floor to floor. With the added bonus of providing a temporary or permanent solution to suit your business needs, its versatility can act in many different ways. You can increase sales floor area, gain extra storage space, additional production space or even office space with the option to include partitions for added privacy.

Depending on your specific requirements, Multy Lift can work alongside our partner companies to create structural steel mezzanine floors. Stud floors are capable of withstanding considerable loads, making them suitable for shelving, racking and even for the use of hand pallet trucks or powered pallet trucks. Mezzanine Floors consist of upright columns which are then bolted to the beams to form the main structure of the floor. Joists then run at a right angle to the columns and sit on top of the beams to support the decking which can be made from either chipboard or steel, dependent on the use of your mezzanine floor. When installed in a warehouse, product flow between floors is handled either by forklift trucks, goods lifts or conveyor systems and with the option of including pallet gates in your design, this can ensure maximum safety between machinery, goods and operating staff.

Mezzanine Flooring
Mezzanine Flooring