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Multy Lift supply the full range of Mitsubishi PREMiA Powered Pallet Trucks ranging from 1.6 tonnes up to 2.5 tonnes. For further information on the PREMiA products or any of our other Mitsubishi Products or to arrange a demonstration please call us on: 0808 100 3430 or complete our Enquiry Form.

Pallet Truck

Pallet Truck & Double Pallet handler


Developed for non-stop performance in the most challenging environments and the tightest spaces, PREMiA ES pedestrian power pallet trucks offer you a comprehensive range of transfer possibilities. Whether you are upgrading from a hand pallet truck, doing short shuttle work or looking for a truck prepared to go the distance, there is a PREMiA model which will meet your needs.

High stability and a market-leading lift height allow easy operation on uneven surfaces. Outdoor operation is possible in all weather thanks to protection of the chassis and electrical systems against rain and splashing water. Low-maintenance design, with no vulnerable components, minimises the chance of breakdown and lowers servicing costs.

For extra versatility, operators may choose between two performance modes via the key switch. In all models the state-of-the-art, simple-to-use tiller arm design protects hands and places everything within easy reach for safe, comfortable, controlled operation. The PBP20N2R model includes a foldable platform for occasional ride-on use, while the PBP20N2E offers rising forks for easy loading and unloading.


Sealed, protected, and specifically designed for low maintenance needs in every system, PREMiA EM platform power pallet trucks are built to cope with the most demanding of conditions. In spite of uneven ground, splashing water, dust and rough treatment, they just keep on working. With intuitive handling via the simple-to-use tiller arm, from the safety and comfort of the ergonomic platform, your operator is always secure, confident and in full control.

Both standard (PBV20N2) and heavy duty (PBF25N2) models are available to meet different needs. The PBF25N2 is designed to withstand non-stop, intensive use, over longer distances, with the heaviest loads. It will reach a top speed of 8.5 km/h (optional 12km/h). The standard PBV20N2 is ideal for pallet transfer work in logistics terminals and industrial warehouses, as well as loading and unloading vehicles. There is also an ingenious double pallet model (PBV20ND) which can handle two pallets at once. Ideal for loading and unloading double-deck stacked pallets.

Key Features

Steering System

  • State-of-the-art tiller arm offers the ultimate in ergonomic design, comfort and safety.
  • Small turning circle together with compact chassis and excellent visibility means exceptional manoeuvrability.


  • Programmable controller adjusts acceleration, travel speed and braking to suit the application and operator – for greater versatility.
  • New generation, multi-function controller governs both drive and lift for smooth, quiet control with fewer components to maintain.
  • On-board diagnostics and fault memory folder speed up servicing and help prevent damage.
  • High-efficiency electronic system features waterproof components for maximum reliability – even in moist conditions.
  • Versatile battery compartment accommodates DIN and BS size batteries with a variety of capacities for maximum compatibility with user’s equipment and needs.
  • Waterproof wiring and connectors combine with closed battery compartment and channelling of splashed water to prevent system failure and corrosion.
  • High capacity batteries deliver 375Ah as standard and up to 500Ah on PBF25N2 to extend shifts.


  • Robust forks with welded construction, and rounded tips for effortless pallet entry, gives extra strength and durability.
  • Market-leading lift height of 135 mm allows easy handling on steep ramps and loading docks, even with damaged pallets.
  • Rising forks on PBP20N2E place loads at an ergonomic height – maximum 735 mm – for loading & unloading with minimal physical strain.
  • Compact duplex mast offers two lift heights (1600 and 2000 mm), with maximum load capacity 2000 kg (or 1000 kg on each pair of forks), and gives optimal forward visibility. (PBV20ND only)


  • Rapid lift and lowering speeds improve productivity.


  • Creep speed function and tiller arm lock bypass maximise safety and control in confined spaces.
  • Unique crossbar design deflects obstacles away from tiller arm and operator’s hand, protecting both truck and operator.
  • Choice of two performance modes via key switch enhances safety, energy efficiency and productivity. (PBV20N2 and PBF25N2 only).
  • Easy-to-operate controls reduce operator fatigue and minimise mistakes to enhance safety.
  • Ergonomically shaped rubber hand grips are comfortable and slip-free, allowing for easy reach of controls.
  • Battery discharge indicator is fitted as standard for battery protection and monitoring of truck use.
  • Ground clearance is only 35 mm – which makes foot trapping very unlikely.
  • Spacious, suspended foldable platform on PBP20N2R allows operator to ride in comfort – maximum speed 6 km/h – during occasional longer travel.
  • Large, suspended platform stays down for easier access and – together with high-positioned, cushioned sidebars – provides a safe, ergonomic standing position. (Only available on particular models).
  • High-grip rubber matting prevents slips and gives cushioned support. Optional ergonomic levers allow operators to raise and lower loads with ease – even when wearing gloves.
  • Multifunctional display alerts operators and service engineers to potential problems – helping to avoid damage and encourage maintenance.
  • Maxius steering wheel offers the ultimate in ergonomics, comfort and design, with all operating controls easily in reach. (PBF25N2 only).
  • Side-stance operating position requires minimal upper body and neck movement, reducing operator strain. (PBF25N2 only).


  • Regenerative braking gives effective control, without brake wear, and longer shift life.
  • Parking brake is automatically activated, when necessary, for extra safety on ramps.


  • Powerful AC drive motor is placed above the chassis plate, safeguarding it against the elements.
  • Powerful, sealed motor and Vulkollan drive wheel ensure long component life.
  • Oil-filled, sealed transmission is shock-resistant, quiet and requires little maintenance.
  • Floating drive unit reduces vibration, for greater operator comfort and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Dust-shielded load wheels require less maintenance and replacement of components.


  • Sealed chassis offers protection against dirt, dust and other particles to reduce wear.
  • Water-resistant design diverts splashed moisture away from key electrical components, for long truck life.
  • High stability is ensured by use of two linked castor wheels – next to the central drive wheel – in addition to the two load wheels.
  • Low centre of gravity adds further stability, for safe operation.
  • RapidAccess features allow quick and easy entry to all areas for checks and maintenance.


  • Low-noise design features rubber-mounted components, fully insulated steel engine hood, helical gears and enclosed wheel arches for maximum operator comfort.
  • 500-hour service interval and long component life reduces downtime and its associated costs.
  • RapidAccess features include quick-release floor and steel said panels – no tools required – for faster daily inspections.


  • Choice of drive and load
  • wheels for different applications
  • PIN-code device instead of key switch
  • Pallet entry and exit rollers
  • Wide variety of fork dimensions
  • Higher travel speed – 12 km/h – with loads up to 600 kg
  • Cold store modification (class III, -35°C)
  • Load backrest
  • Rapid and/or double battery change device (PBP18N2 and PBP20N2)
  • LED Working light (PBP20N2R)
  • Multifunctional display with hour meter
  • Equipment bar for mounting accessories
  • Customer name/logo/ artwork on side panels
  • Large lifting/lowering levers
  • Single load wheels (standard on PBP16N2)
  • Sealed inbuilt battery charger (except PBP20N2R) 375 Ah battery (PBP20N2 and PBP20N2R)
  • Space for 500 Ah battery (PBF25N2 only)
  • Fingertip levers on tiller arm
  • Rapid and/or double battery change device (PBP18N2 and PBP20N2)
  • PIN code unit (PBP20N2R)