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Aisle-Master AM 20SE MITREX (3629)

£30000.00 + VAT

Aisle-Master AM 15E (3714) – ON HIRE

£27500.00 + VAT

Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5020)

£18950.00 + VAT
Buy From: £96.76 Per Week + VAT
Hire From: £531.96 Per Month + VAT

Aisle-Master AM 20WHE (5019) – ON HIRE

£21500.00 + VAT
Buy From: £91.49 Per Week + VAT
Hire From: £504.79 Per Month + VAT

Aisle-Master AM 15E (5378)

£24950.00 + VAT
Buy From: £91.45 Per Week + VAT
Hire From: £445.64 Per Month + VAT

Further Information

Are you looking for an aisle master forklift for sale? Every Aisle-Master forklift is designed with the operator in mind. The articulated design offers unbeatable maneuverability which reduces load cycle times and driver fatigue. The enhanced cabin ergonomics and excellent visibility create additional safety and comfort for the operator.

VNA trucks increase profitability and maximise warehouse storage capacity by reducing the need for a larger fleet and minimising aisle widths. Aisle-Masters have an extremely robust chassis and their masts are constructed from high grade steel. This ensures that they generally have a longer life span than most other forklift trucks. As well as superb construction quality, Aisle-Master Articulated Forklift Trucks also have lift heights which go up to 15 metres.

Aisle-Master forklifts are available as either LP gas or electric powered which provide cleaner emissions. Aisle-Master’s fuel types align perfectly with sustainable environmental policies and allow for safe usage indoors. Aisle-Master trucks work efficiently on any indoor or outdoor surface, reducing the need for additional forklifts in your fleet.

Multy Lift stock used Aisle-Master VNA trucks with various benefits:

  • Features such as mirrors fitted to the mast, blue spot lamps, reverse alarms and electric drive systems
  • Various lift heights and load capacities

Aislemaster are an innovative forklift company with over 50 years of experience in providing cost-efficient material handling solutions. Aisle-Master forklifts operate under their parent company, Combilift. Aisle-Master has distributed over 5000 forklifts around the world, from Australia to Alaska. If you have limited warehouse space and require a more compact, versatile forklift solution, then an articulated truck might be the choice for you.

Multy Lift offers used articulated forklift trucks from Aislemaster’s with the same high quality as brand new models. Multy Lift have articulated trucks available for hire, outright purchase or lease purchase. To discuss our aisle master forklifts for sale, call us today on 01623 794 094 or complete an enquiry form.