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5 ways to reduce the total cost of your forklift

Forklifts and material handling equipment are a critical part of any warehouse operation. Over the course of their lifespan your forklift fleet and other warehouse machines can take up a good chunk of your operating budget. However, there are ways to reduce the initial cost, as well as making sure you get your money’s worth throughout the lift of your truck.

  1. Buy refurbished
  2. Forklifts refurbished by Multy Lift are as good as new models, only with a significantly lower price tag. Buying a used forklift can save you as much as 40% of the cost of a new forklift, which across a whole fleet can be a huge saving.

    Multy Lift carries out every level of rebuilding and overhauling on all makes and models of warehouse equipment, as well as providing bespoke refurbishment of client’s current equipment. Our refurbished forklifts come from a range of the best forklift manufacturers in the world, including Mitsubishi and Caterpillar, ensuring guaranteed performance and reliability.

    We have over thirty years of experience refurbishing material handling equipment so you can rest assured that the quality of our refurbished machines is as good as new.

  3. Hire equipment
  4. If you only require a forklift for a set time period or you’re just looking for a way to lower the overall cost of your material handling equipment, then hiring might be the option for you. Hiring may also be the perfect way to test which machines are best suited to your space before committing to a full purchase.

    All of Multy Lift’s used forklifts and warehouse equipment are available for outright purchase, lease purchase or contract hire to suit your budget and requirements.

  5. Buy electric
  6. Many believe that electricity is the fuel of the future. As climate change becomes an ever-increasing concern, many manufacturers are working towards greener machines and incentives are being given to businesses to persuade them to make their processes more sustainable.

    Government mandates are becoming increasingly strict regarding warehouse emissions and sustainable practice. By investing in electric forklifts, you’re not only future-proofing your fleet but also reducing your fuel consumption by increasing fuel efficiency, saving you even more money.

    There are many benefits to going electric. Technology has come a long way in the past decade so going electric doesn’t mean giving up the power of a diesel engine. Many electric-powered forklift models are worthy rivals of diesel machines in their capabilities.

  7. Look after your fleet
  8. By taking proper care of your forklifts and other warehouse machines, you can prolong their lifespan and avoid paying out for costly repairs or replacements. This can be as easy as performing quick machine inspections before use (which should be done anyway for health and safety!) and regular cleaning to make sure everything is working as it should be. Check out our essential guide to forklift maintenance here.

    Scheduling routine servicing and maintenance at least once a year can highlight potential faults before they happen therefore avoiding downtime, workplace injuries and expensive repair costs further down the line. This will ensure that your trucks and your investment will last as long as they should.

  9. Optimise your warehouse
  10. By optimising your warehouse space, logistics and workers, you can help to reduce the cost of your fleet.

    Inspecting your warehouse space can highlight any areas of concern which may cause damage to forklifts which could be optimised for better equipment performance, such as ramps and equipment storage facilities.

    Going narrow and vertical with your racking can not only increase your storage space but could also minimise the number of machines you need. Articulated forklifts are a fantastic option for unbeatable productivity in small spaces, through their ability to complete multiple jobs, reducing the need for additional machines.

    The versatility of the JCB Teletruk also brings compact efficiency as a five-in-one machine, saving on time, fuel, manpower and space, meaning it will soon be paying for itself!

    Effective training ensures staff know everything they need to and more about forklift operation so that accidents or damage to material handling equipment is less likely to happen.

There are many ways to reduce the total cost of your forklift ownership without compromising your processes and efficiency. If you would like to discuss how Multy Lift can help you to achieve this, get in touch today on 01623 794 094 or complete an enquiry form.

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