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When is it Best to Hire Instead of Buy?

Purchasing a forklift truck can be a big investment for any company but with the extensive range of quality equipment available to hire from Multy Lift we can provide you with an affordable alternative. How do you know when it’s best to hire or whether purchasing may be a better option?

Who should consider hiring?

In the non-stop world of logistics, many factors play a role in the fluctuation of workload in your business. Seasonal increase and unexpected demand mean that your needs as a company will change throughout the year. Our hire equipment is available at short notice with competitive prices and varying term lengths.

If material handling equipment isn’t something your company usually needs but a new project requires one, short-term hire of machinery to fit your needs is the perfect option.

What are the benefits of hiring?

With hiring there is no upfront investment, making it an accessible option for businesses who are launching, or for smaller enterprises who don’t have enough business to warrant the outright purchase of a piece of machinery.

We provide a stable, fixed cost meaning there are no nasty surprises along the way. The agreed costs will be paid at regular intervals, allowing your accounts team to factor this in to your business expenditure.

Regular servicing is provided to ensure your equipment is efficient. This prevents potential downtime for repairs and also ensures the safety of staff whilst operating the equipment.

Annual LOLER certification and Thorough Examinations* ensure you’re receiving quality, reliable equipment, giving you and your team peace of mind.

Upgrading your chosen machinery is also much easier whilst hiring. This gives you the flexibility to switch forklift specification if your needs change.

Who should consider buying?

Of course, hiring is not for everyone. For companies who have consistent workflow, outright purchase of equipment is likely to be the best solution and may be the most cost-effective choice in the long-term.

What are the benefits of buying?

Complete freedom. Outright purchase naturally makes you the sole owner of the equipment, giving you complete freedom to use it how you wish.

With full ownership customisation is easy, meaning you can tailor your new equipment to perfectly fit the needs of your business.

Hiring isn’t the right choice for everyone but shouldn’t be overlooked, as it can provide a range of benefits for a variety of businesses. If you would like more information about hiring or buying from Multy Lift, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01623 794 094, complete an enquiry form or take a look at our full range of equipment available to hire here.

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