What Prevents Efficiency in the Warehouse?

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What Prevents Efficiency in the Warehouse?

Whilst successful warehouse based businesses are usually places of efficiency, with huge amounts of stock flowing through them every day, it can be easy to become a place of chaos.

To help your warehouse operate at optimum efficiency, the team at Multy Lift have compiled a list of some of the most common causes of warehouse inefficiency, in an effort to help you avoid them.

Inventory errors can cause major efficiency problems. Knowing exactly how much stock is in a warehouse, as well as how much inventory will be needed to cover demand, is an essential part of warehouse efficiency.

Failing to know how much stock is in your unit and how much is required to fulfil orders can lead to many problematic scenarios. For example, excess stock in a warehouse can decrease cash flow whilst also increasing business costs, making a dent in your revenue. However, today there are many automated software programmes which can be used to avoid these kind of issues by monitoring stock, thereby ensuring an efficiently run warehouse.

Warehouse layout is another factor which can hugely benefit the flow of goods. However, an ineffective layout can contribute to inventory inaccuracies, less storage, slow handling of goods and potential profit reduction.

One tip to instantly increase efficiency is to keep the fastest moving products near to the front of the warehouse, so as to access them easily. When considering a more efficient layout you should also consider the warehouse picking paths, ensuring that they are designed to allow employees to navigate them as easily as possible.

Ineffective picking systems are a common contributor to the slow processing of goods in a warehouse. Despite developments in technology and machinery, some warehouses still rely on manual processes for picking. This method can massively slow down turnaround times, leave opportunity for human error and in turn, impact profits. Solutions to these problems include automated systems which provide system directed picking whilst machinery such as Ride-On Powered Pallet Trucks and Order Pickers can make picking and travelling throughout your warehouse much more time efficient.

Ineffective equipment will most likely affect how efficiently your warehouse operates. Having the correct machinery to handle your goods is essential to productivity. At Multy Lift, we carry out site surveys to assess the size and weight of products you handle to advise the best solution for you. We offer a wide range of material handling equipment with various rental and finance options to suit your individual needs. If a standard piece of equipment isn’t suitable, we also offer a wide range of attachments and extras to customise equipment to benefit your operation.

Multy Lift are here to help with our wide selection new and used forklifts, pickers, powered pallet trucks and more. Whether you’re looking to hire or purchase equipment, we’ll be able to help.

If you would like more information on any of our new or used equipment, then get in touch today. Simply give us a call on 01623 794 094 or complete an enquiry form.

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