2.0 Tonnes Stand-On Power Pallet Truck


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For long distance (over 50 metres) transport and transfer of goods, as well as loading and unloading, you should give your operator the comfort, security and ergonomic benefits of a stand-on or sit-on powered pallet truck.

With powerful acceleration, fast travel and optimum operator efficiency, you will soon see a major increase in throughput.

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Key Features

AC drive motor means high power for excellent traction and ramp performance, as well as smooth, quiet, controlled operation, extended shift length and lower maintenance requirements.

Ergonomic console, limitless 360-degree electronic steering and narrow chassis allow precise manoeuvring.

Comfortable operator compartment with suspended floor reduces fatigue.

Rounded fork tips ensure smooth pallet handling.

Informative display and built-in diagnostics encourage efficient use and maintenance.

Easy service access – including tilting panel, gas spring and rollers for battery maintenance and exchange – minimises downtime.

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