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As the winter months approach, an increasing number of warehouse and factory owners are starting to store their forklifts and warehouse equipment in dry, sheltered spaces to protect their assets from the cold, harsh elements. As such, it’s never been more important to maximise the space you already have to avoid spending money on more land or extra, off-site storage.

Here are four ways you can make the most of the warehouse space you already have to avoid paying extortionate fees and to ensure your stock and equipment are safe and kept in great condition all year round.

1) Prioritise the best and fastest selling products

Once you’ve identified which products sell the fastest, you can rotate and prioritise them based on where they’re stored in your warehouse. For instance, stock that’s in high demand should be kept somewhere easily accessible to all, so store them on shelves at eye level.

This will make warehouse operations considerably more efficient. Not only will it save time, as it’ll be easy for workers to get their hands on, but it’ll also save money. Knowing exactly where products are and how much of it you have will prevent over-ordering.

You might also find excess stock that you weren’t initially aware of, meaning you’ll further benefit financially from prioritising and rotating products as and when it’s necessary to do so.

2) Be organised and plan carefully

Much like the previous point, it’s important that the best storage areas are identified depending on the popularity and nature of the stock. Factoring in storage characteristics of the products you house will ensure that you’ll be able to store stock as efficiently as possible, a great way to maximise space without paying for further, potentially off-site, storage.

Not only will this give you peace of mind that your products are safe inside your own warehouse, but it’ll also make stock easier to find. This is something you should consider when planning or updating the layout of your warehouse.

You might even have some products that are sensitive to the elements, such as moisture or sunlight, so keep items of this nature away from doors and windows, for example. Not only will this prolong the life of the products you store, which in turn will save you money, but it also means that your warehouse is being used to its maximum storage capacity.

3) Invest in the right equipment and machinery

It’s important that your warehouse is both safe and easy to navigate around. As such, you could perhaps invest in VNA (Very narrow aisle) forklifts, if the aisles are particularly small, reach trucks and scissor lifts would also be highly beneficial, especially if you plan on installing, or already have installed, warehouse racking.

Investing in warehouse equipment of this nature will increase productivity and efficiency throughout your premises as it’ll be easier for employees to both find and access the stock you have available. This way, you’ll be able to utilise the entirety of your warehouse racking, regardless of how high it goes.

4) Optimise your space where possible

Having mezzanine floors and warehouse racking constructed is the perfect way to add storage space to your warehouse. Often, this is a cheaper alternative to buying up extra land or purchasing a second warehouse.

Mezzanine floors are ideal for storing items both on top and below, giving you, effectively, an extra storey that can be fully utilised. You could house heavy machinery on the mezzanine floor itself, but perhaps store stock underneath as there’ll be enough clearance between the bottom of the mezzanine floor and the warehouse floor.

Warehouse racking will also add space, providing an ideal solution to any warehouse storage problem. It gives you the potential to utilise floor-to-ceiling space, which can often be substantial in large warehouses. Not only will this save floor space, but it’ll also enable you to organise stock effectively. In turn, workers will be able to find and access products in no time, especially with the use of forklifts, pallet trucks, reach trucks and scissor lifts..

Multy Lift Forktrucks Ltd are dedicated to ensuring your warehouse operations run as smoothly as possible. As such, we’re proud to be able to offer customers throughout Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Lincoln with high-quality, robust warehouse equipment to maximise your storage space. From mezzanine floors and warehouse racking to reach trucks and forklifts, we’ll have your business needs covered with our extensive range of products and machinery.

For more information about how we can help you, get in touch with our knowledgeable team today.

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