The Importance of Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Visits

Maintenance Checks

The Importance of Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Visits

At Multy Lift we offer scheduled preventative maintenance visits to all of our clients, whether they hire, contract rent, lease purchase, outright purchase through us or own their own equipment. We arrange these visits at regular intervals, with prior agreement from you. Our expert engineers carry out an extensive 100 point inspection of your equipment which includes, but is not limited to: checking tyre wear, oil and hydraulic levels, batteries, chains, forks, belts, steer pins, motors, brakes and the general health of all moving parts. These visits are vital to ensure your equipment provides you with maximum uptime and reduced costs by identifying potential problems before they can occur. In this post we outline the reasons why scheduled preventative maintenance visits are so important.


In any line of work, safety is paramount, especially in warehouses, work sites and industrial environments where heavy machinery is working alongside pedestrians on foot. Making sure that your machinery is in top working condition at all times ensures optimum safety for both the operator and others in the area. Multy Lift recommend regular preventative maintenance visits where our engineers visit your site to carry out an inspection of your machine. This makes sure it meets the current health and safety regulations and is in good working order. Scheduled preventative maintenance visits from a fully trained Multy Lift engineer ensures reliability and safety from your machine in your workplace.

Operational efficiency

Forklifts that are in good working order will work more efficiently, which in turn means maximum uptime and productivity in your operation. Regular scheduled preventative maintenance visits from Multy Lift engineers can detect problems before they occur meaning less breakdowns, downtime and unnecessary costs.

Truck service life

By taking care of your machinery you can be sure it will serve you long in to the future. With regular maintenance visits and daily checks, your forklift trucks and warehouse equipment can last for many years eliminating unexpected costs for repair and the potential need to be replaced by new machinery. Our engineers carry out an extremely thorough check and service all parts of each piece of equipment to make sure your fleet is always in the best possible condition.

Lower overall maintenance costs

Regular maintenance checks mean that any problems which could escalate into bigger issues are noticed and fixed, this early diagnosis can potentially save you huge repair costs further down the line. Our specialist engineers check all parts of your equipment including parts that are susceptible to wear and replace them if necessary, thereby reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Higher residual values

Thinking further into the future, if you come to sell or trade in your equipment, a well maintained machine can provide you with a better residual value; another reason why Multy Lift’s preventative maintenance visits mean cost saving for the future and optimum reliability for you.

If you have any questions about our scheduled preventative maintenance on equipment you purchased from us or equipment you own, we will be happy to help. Call us on +44 (0)1623 794 094, email us at or complete an enquiry form.

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