Mitsubishi EDIA Forklifts


Instinctive steering… Limitless visibility… Natural controls (just where you want them to be)… Everything about EDiA inspires confidence. And that’s powerful because confidence is what makes you productive. Every feature on our EDiA electric counterbalance trucks has been designed to help your drivers focus on precise handling of truck and load. EDiA’s low maintenance, class-leading efficiency and our near-legendary reliability ensure you can keep doing it. Time after time after time. It takes a manufacturer with the experience of Mitsubishi to make a brand-new forklift feel this much like home. Independent tests over 25 years show that ‘driveability’ is the single most important factor that improves forklift productivity. When that’s achieved, the operator is at one with the machine – without thinking. No surprises. Totally in control.

Multy Lift supply the full range of Mitsubishi EDiA Electric Forklift Trucks ranging from 1.0 tonnes up to 5.0 tonnes. For further information on the EDiA products or any of our other Mitsubishi Products or to arrange a demonstration, call our Sales Team on 01623 794 094 or complete our enquiry form.
EDiA Range

1.4 – 2.0 Tonnes

1.6 – 2.0 Tonnes

2.5 – 3.5 Tonnes


Mitsubishi EDiA EM is renowned for its driveability. Our designers ensure that everything feels intuitive and natural – and that distractions are eliminated. What’s more, it delivers top performance in its class, is built tough, superbly agile and boasts many industry-leading features. Its rugged four-wheel range is partnered with seven three-wheel models which are exceptionally agile in narrow aisles.


Everything about EDiA EX inspires confidence. Rugged Mitsubishi build quality, simple, effective design… and the kind of smooth, instinctive control that gets the job done right first time, every time. Impressive residual lift capacities means EDiA EX packs the punch you need to lift larger loads to heights of 7 metres – while dual drive motors and +100° rear axle steering give the agility to deliver that big-truck performance in the tightest space.

Key Features

Steering System

  • Controlled Cornering System (CCS) assists safe turning by intuitively reducing the maximum travel speed in proportion to the steering angle.
  • FeatherTouch steering delivers a natural steering response and – with just six turns lock-to-lock – gives precise, effortless control in intensive applications.
  • Tight space agility rear axle steers through a full 100°, with dual drive motors for instant, smooth turning on the spot and no initial “push”.
  • Perfectly weighted steering and optimal steering wheel size with a light but firm feel gives confidence and manoeuvrability at all speeds.


  • Five performance pre-sets from minimal energy to high performance – are quickly chosen by the driver by push button.
  • Full programmability through a laptop connection allow service engineers to precisely adjust EDiA to meet an application’s exact needs, as well as run diagnostic checks.
  • Integrated Presence System 2 (IPS2) pioneered by Mitsubishi prevents all movement of truck and mast if the operator is not seated.
  • Wider choice of batteries available because of the wide range of options with its standard DIN dimensions EDiA is more easily configured to the user’s precise needs.
  • Sideways battery exchange option has slide-out rollers integrated into the chassis for quick and easy battery change in multi-shift operations.
  • Optional LED work lights front and rear provide a natural bright white light with low energy consumption and long service life.
  • Straightforward component layout carefully planned for fast, easy access, reducing downtime and cutting routine servicing bills.
  • Sealed connectors reduce the need for maintenance and repair.


  • Variable speed on all hydraulic functions is smoothly and intuitively managed by EDiA’s command software.
  • Mitsubishi 11.5kW hydraulic motor proven to withstand intensive duty in the most demanding of applications, delivers exceptionally long service life.
  • Precision tilt and side shift easy, fine control makes important and difficult movements faster, and safer.


  • ErgoCentric cab design delivers a spacious, practical cab that’s easy to enter, keeps everything in easy reach, offers exceptional all-round visibility and is comfortable throughout the longest shifts.
  • FeatherTouch steering maximises confidence, control and comfort, thanks to a small radius, low-effort wheel and intelligent digital processing.
  • Multi-function colour display provides a clear, bright screen – even in direct sunlight – and includes speedometer, battery discharge meter, performance mode and other truck data.
  • Simple push buttons make accessing the truck’s menu or modes very easy – even if an operator is wearing gloves.
  • Ergonomic levers provide a familiar feel and smoothly variable speed control.
  • ErgoCentric fingertip control unit option delivers effortless, confident and precise hydraulic operation within a fatigue-minimising armrest.
  • Low-noise design ensures the sound level at the operator’s ear is exceptionally quiet – less than 67 dB(A).
  • VersaCab cabin range options includes our unique, award-winning ‘Hi-Viz’ clear composite front roof, front and back glass windows (both with washers/wipers) and steel doors – as well as a CE-certified removable PVC door option for occasional use.
  • Brand new F2 button simple thumb control integrates twice as many key controls – without taking your eyes off the load. Options include clamp release and automatic tilt centering.
  • Optimised pedal position ergonomically-chosen position, shape and angle for each pedal feel familiar to use and are easy on the ankles, even in prolonged shifts.
  • ErgoCentric adjustable armrest allows a natural hand position, with easy one-hand adjustment, minimising injury and fatigue.
  • Fully adjustable driving position create the perfect seat, arm and steering wheel position for each operator’s unique needs.
  • Plenty of storage space for on-board essentials, putting clip board, mobile phone, drinks bottle and pen all easily to hand.
  • Wide, open cabin enables quick, ergonomic access and a range of comfortable driving positions.
  • Ergonomic panels and covers encourage smooth, easy cabin entry.
  • Extra-large entry step for safe, no-slip entry and exit – whatever the footwear.
  • Flat, uncluttered floor exceptionally spacious foot well area means more comfort, and no distractions.
  • Elongated grab bar helps drivers of all heights.


  • Exceptional visibility through a wide range of high-strength, clear-view masts allows handling with total confidence.


  • Wet disc brakes are virtually maintenance-free and sealed to tough IP54 standards, to protect EDiA in wet or dirty workplaces – and ensure it’s a clean worker in food applications.
  • Electronically activated parking brake is applied automatically whenever the operator leaves the seat and can be activated manually by simply pressing a button.
  • Automatic hill hold applies braking when the accelerator is released on a gradient, preventing accidental roll-back.


  • Optional Pitching Control System (PCS) senses travel on bumpy ground – automatically smoothing motion to stabilise load pitching: reducing the risk of the load becoming unstable.
  • Efficient drive (and lift) motors combined with strong regenerative braking and advanced electric steering technology to minimise energy consumption and extend shifts.
  • Sensitive Drive System (SDS) smooths start and stop movements, increases agility and adapts to the speed of operators’ foot movements.
  • Intelligent curve control senses the angle of a turn, and reduces speed earlier in the manoeuvre for maximum stability and accurate, positive cornering.
  • ECO mode encourages natural, smooth operation with optimal energy efficiency; ideal for long shifts, training, new and part-time users.
  • PRO mode maximises performance parameters, giving full control to more experienced operators in intensive situations.
  • Custom settings can be fine-tuned by a service engineer to perfectly match any given application, scenario or need.


  • Low centre of gravity contributes to EDiA’s outstanding residual capacity and driver confidence.


  • Long service interval thanks to EDiA’s design and build quality means fewer service visits are needed.
  • Waterproof to tough IPX4 standards throughout the chassis and to stringent IP54 specifications on motors, brakes and other vital enclosures, EDiA protects itself – while keeping its workplace clean.
  • RapidAccess features include a quick-release floor plate and wide-opening battery cover, for fast and simple checks


  • Load weight indicator
  • Integrated side shift
  • Wide range of masts up to 7m
  • Wide range of attachments
  • Choice of seats
  • Choice of fingertip or lever control
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Foot direction control
  • Dual pedal system
  • Cold store modification (to -35°C)
  • Wide range of cabins
  • LED work lights
  • Automatic travel and tilt speed reduction
  • Ergonomic operator presence pedal
  • Intuitive joystick control
  • Automatic tilt centering
  • Integrated clamp release
  • Pallet truck battery change
  • Windshield with wiper and washer
  • Panel cabin
  • High-visibility overhead guard

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