The hotly anticipated next generation of 1.5 to 3.5 tonne forktrucks with IC engine counterbalance products from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks is now available from Multy Lift. Building on the technological achievements and reputation for reliability of its popular predecessors, the new range of forklift trucks come with a new design, new specifications and a new name… The GRENDiA range.

With a complement of new features that are available that include:

  • Improved steer axle and transmission
  • New style overhead guard
  • New instrument panel with LCD display
  • Operator access code, hour timers,
  • Convenience tray standard for MC control
  • LED light option for combination- and work lights
  • Backup handle with horn button option
  • Load weight indicator option and overload weight indicator option
  • New Panel cabin option and optional integrated heater

There are two new options that are now available for the GRENDIA ES IC-engine counterbalance trucks in the range FD/FG15N - 35N:

  1. Oil Cooled Wet Disk Brakes
  2. FlexControl

For further information on any of the GRENDiA range or to arrange a demonstration call  the Multy Lift sales team on 01623 794094.

GRENDiA IC Engine counterbalance trucks

GRENDiA IC Engine counterbalance trucks :
Outstanding performance...
Exceptional value for money
Rapid service access
Fast travel and acceleration
Small turning circle
Long service interval
High efficiency


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