Important new options for High Level Order Picker OPBH10N(H)

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Important new options for High Level Order Picker OPBH10N(H)

There are now a number of new options have been introduced on the High Level Order Picker OPBH10N(H).

First of all, we ask your specific attention for a new, unique feature that distinguishes the OPB10N(H) from all competitive brands:

  • Active Sway Control (ASC)

Besides that, five important options are now available in order to complete the package of options for this model:

  • Wire Guidance
  • End of Aisle Braking
  • Battery covers for 24V model
  • Order picking cage
  • Cold Store Modification (-35°C)

And last but not least we announce a renewed design of:

  • Rail Guidance System

We also want to take this opportunity to inform you that the lift height pre-selector is not longer available.

Active Sway Control

We now introduce a unique feature which radically minimizes the forward- and backward sway radically. All High Level Order Pickers with a lifting height =>5100 mm will be equipped with Active Sway Control as standard equipment. It is the first software based active solution that influences the mast behaviour. ASC automatically calculates the proper counter movement and stops the swaying of the mast very quickly.

The red line shows the forward- and backward sway in mm from reference point 2000. Active Sway de-activated.
The blue line shows the forward- and backward sway in mm from reference point 2000. Active Sway activated.
The tests were conducted at platform height 10000 mm

One of the usual working situations of a High Level Order Picker is driving with a lifted mast. Braking and accelerating lead, (due laws of physics) to a certain forward- and backward sway of the mast and thus to the cabin.

The degree of the sway increases in line with the lifting height. The side-effects of this sway is unpleasant for the operator. Also waiting until the sway stops is loss of productivity.

A functionality demonstration was done showing the behaviour of the mast from a top view. At first with the ASC de-activated, secondly with ASC activated. The demonstration was done at 10 meters lift height with 400 kg load weight resulting in the following conclusions:

  • Time of sway per stop reduces to 50%, resulting in 9 seconds improvement of productivity.
  • Distance of sway radically reduces to almost zero!

In guided operations the High Level Order Picker can optionally be equipped with a sensor that continuously detects an inductive signal that is sent through a line in the floor. After detecting the signal the steering system of the truck is taken over by the Wire Guidance System

The line is placed in a slot which is cut in the floor 10 mm under the surface, after which the clearance is closed with 2-component epoxy material. The inductive signal is conducted by a line driver on a predefined frequency which can be detected by the Wire Guidance sensors in the truck.

Installation of the inductive wire and the line driver itself are not included in the option price Note:
According to the European regulation EN1526, article 6.2, trucks with automated positioning systems which are separated from the truck shall be commissioned at the place of the use by the manufacturer (or his authorised representative) before handover to the end user. In practice the dealer will do the commissioning and therefore, he will be trained before receiving authorisation from supplier. We shall provide a method statement including the necessary information for the commissioning sequence and shall provide an instruction manual including the necessary technical (e.g. mechanical and electrical) information.

In guided operations, High Level Order Pickers are able to drive up to 9 km/h and thus for safety reasons it’s highly recommended that the truck either slows down or stops at end of working aisle.

Two options for End of Aisle braking will be available:

  • Slow Down at End of Aisle
  • Brake at End of Aisle

Entering the aisle passing the 1st magnet activates the required parameter of the End of Aisle braking system and the 2nd magnet simply confirms it. Passing the 3rd magnets either slows down the truck or activates the braking, depending on the option that was chosen. Finally passing the 4th magnet will deactivate the parameters for End of Aisle braking system.

Four (4) magnets per aisle are required. A set of magnets for one aisle will be available in the pricelist. The use of these magnets is mandatory, due to the required field strength of the magnets.
When an aisle is interrupted by one or more transfer aisles, used for other crossing traffic, more magnets are required.

Because of a 24V battery is less wide then the chassis itself, a large gap is visible at both sides of the truck. This makes the truck not only look less attractive but can also lead to unsafe situations due to the risks of catching objects.

Rail Guidance System

A renewed design for Rail Guidance system has become available. The advantage against the previous guidance system is easier adaption to existing rail guidance systems.
The guidance system will remain available for rails with height 100mm and 40mm.
The attached drawing shows you the result. At both sides of the truck the guide wheels are
equipped with optical detectors. These detectors activate the parameters for aisle recognition, resulting in a mandatory 2-hand operation, centring the drive wheel, disabling the steering wheel, controlling the drive speeds for VNA application.

Cold Store Modification -35°C

Usual modifications apply. On top of that the capacitive sensor for 2-hand operation will be adjusted during production in order to “see” through gloves.

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