The Future Looks Bright for Forklifts

Bright Forklifts

The Future Looks Bright for Forklifts

For a variety of industries, forklifts are essential for productivity. Their versatility sees them used in many applications, everything from the automobile sector, construction, agricultural, shipping and warehousing.

Forklifts have become a crucial part in the day to day running of many businesses and the reliance on them is only set to increase. Experts have suggested that the importance of forklifts in all industries is likely to grow in the coming years. This is primarily down to the rise in e-commerce, as well as the increasing capabilities of forklifts; both of which are set to have a significant impact on the forklift sector.

Growth in the automotive trade is also helping the forklift industry to flourish. Annually this industry grows at a steady rate of around 5% and as the production of vehicles relies heavily on the support of forklift trucks, its continued growth suggests good things for the forklift world.

Forklift manufacturers are constantly improving design to increase capability and versatility for users. Attachments are already a simple and effective way to expand the scope of your equipment but further development means in the near future, forklifts may be able to lift and transport cargo, clear snow and much more. Not only will this lead to the forklift being used in an even wider range of industries but also in a wider range of environments and countries.

Another step in the evolution of the forklift is the increasing interest in electric models. Growing awareness of environmental concerns has supported the rise in the popularity of forklifts fuelled in this way.

As online retail continues to soar, e-commerce businesses require mass warehouse storage and the ability to move stock quickly and efficiently. Electric forklifts are the perfect answer for these companies, with zero emissions and low noise pollution, making them the forklift of choice for many indoor-based businesses. Electric forklifts are not just popular with e-commerce companies, their lower maintenance cost and ability to work both indoors and outdoors is also helping to boost their popularity.

Growth of the forklift industry perfectly illustrates the many benefits of forklift ownership and with the industry set to continue to grow, there couldn’t be a better time to own one. At Multy Lift we offer an incredible range of forklifts to suit every kind of business’ needs. Whether you’re looking for a new piece of equipment or something previously owned, we can help. Choose from our selection of electric, diesel and LP gas forklifts or view our range of used equipment.

To discuss your needs and find the right forklift to support your business, get in touch with a member of the Multy Lift team today. Give us a call on 01623 794 094 and our friendly team will be happy to help or complete an enquiry form.

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