Which forklift is best for your business?

Which Forklift is best for your business?

At Multy Lift we have many different types of forklift trucks available and sometimes it can be difficult deciding which one will best suit your company’s needs. The best forklift for you depends on a variety of factors including; where it will be used (a smooth warehouse floor with narrow aisles, a more rugged outdoor ground, or both inside and out) the weight of items you’ll be lifting and the height they need to be lifted to. In this blog post we give you some pointers on what to consider when making your decision.

Load capacity and lift height

These two factors are key to determining which forklift will best suit your needs. Once you’ve made an enquiry for your interest in a forklift, one of our team at Multy Lift will visit your site to discuss your needs and carry out a site survey. At this site meeting they will discuss the maximum weight of loads, measure the working area for your truck and the height at which loads will need to be lifted.

If you have a high density warehouse, compact electric counterbalance forklifts from the Mitsubishi range are well suited to this application with their tight turning circles, low emissions and load capacities up to 5 tonnes. If your aisles are too narrow for a typical counterbalance forklift, an Aisle-Master Articulated VNA (very narrow aisle) Truck could be the solution for quick and easy operation in aisles as narrow as 1.6m and lift heights of 15m.

Outdoor areas and rugged ground may require more power. Mitsubishi Diesel IC Counterbalance Trucks and JCB Teletruk Industrial Forklifts provide high torque to give maximum uptime and reliability through shifts with ease. Mitsubishi diesel forklifts can lift loads up to 16 tonnes and JCB Teletruks can manoeuvre loads up to 3.5 tonnes.

If a counterbalance, side loader and aisle truck can’t complete your required job in one operation, a Combilift Multidirectional Forklift can, these trucks are built with safety and productivity in mind. Capable of manoeuvring long, bulky loads up to 25 tonnes in weight, in all directions with their patented 4-way steering, these trucks eliminate the need for multiple pieces of equipment. They are able to work both indoors and out in a wide range of industries including: manufacturing, salvage yards, warehouses and timber yards.

Area of use

This is a major consideration when selecting the right forklift since each forklift is capable of working in different environments. If you are looking for a forklift truck for outdoor use to power heavy loads around a builder’s yard, or in an offshore environment, a diesel powered forklift truck may be best suited to you. The range of Mitsubishi diesel powered trucks can lift loads up to 16 tonnes in weight or the JCB Teletruk Industrial Forklift can work on the most challenging ground with a load capacity up to 3.5 tonnes. Diesel forklift trucks have the highest torque and power of all fuel types.

For indoor areas where low emissions and noise levels are more of a consideration, electric forklifts are perfect for this working environment. Mitsubishi electric counterbalance forklifts are available in both 3-wheel and 4-wheel models and are capable of lifting loads up to 5 tonnes. Small turning circles, easy maintenance and low emissions make these trucks perfect for powering through your warehouse with minimum downtime.

If you operate in a high density warehouse with very narrow aisles, an Aisle-Master Articulated VNA forklift is made for this type of work. These trucks are capable of lifting up to 15m high and working in aisles as narrow as 1.6m. Market-leading design allows for safe and easy operation in the tightest of spaces and smooth travelling both indoors and out, without the need for additional equipment to handle each load.

Alternatively, Mitsubishi LP Gas forklifts are available with both pneumatic and cushion tyres LPG Forklifts are suitable for a multitude of applications both indoors and out with no loss of power. These compact trucks offer low emissions and can transport loads from 1.5 tonnes up to 7 tonnes.


Many companies require forklift trucks to work in exacting requirements. Whether you require a truck that can work both indoors and out, retrieve pallets from double deep racking, work in narrow aisles, transport long loads, drive up and down gradients or be suitable for operation in a cold store; Multy Lift can work with you to determine the perfect truck for your application and tailor your truck to suit your needs, where a standard machine can’t meet them. Almost all equipment we provide can be adapted to work in a cold store environment or be fitted with specialist attachments to complete any task such as: telescopic forks, hydraulic fork positioners, clamps, carpet booms, double pallet handlers and many more.

If you’d like any more information on the range of equipment we have to offer, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements to find the best option for you. Call us on +44 (0)1623 794 094, send an email to sales@multylift.co.uk or complete an enquiry form.

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