ISO 3691-1:2010: Unintentional Release of a Clamped Load

Released by Mitsubishi Product Management group.

We wish to draw your attention to the above regulation, which states:

'All fork lift trucks equipped with an attachment which hold the load by clamping force shall feature control(s) with a secondary action to prevent unintentional release of the load'

This paragraph has significant implications on suppliers/dealers that fit a clamping device to a forklift truck, manufactured after 1st January 2010. It is therefore essential that each dealer takes appropriate action where they have supplied, or will supply, clamping devices.

As a manufacturer, we are taking the following steps:
· Update the Operator & Maintenance Manual (OMM);
· Send updates for OMM to dealers for trucks manufactured from January 2010;
· Remind dealers of this regulation, when requesting residual capacity calculations for truck configurations containing clamping attachments;
· CSM (Custom Shop Modification Group) will ensure that the necessary modifications are made to all trucks fitted with clamping devices at the factory.

It is known that, amongst others, the attachment suppliers Bolzoni and Cascade have a universal kit available to meet the requirements of this regulation.

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