7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES

7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES
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7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES 7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES 7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES 7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES 7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES 7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES 7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES 7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES 7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES 7.0 tonnes TREXiA ES

FD70N Series - Diesel Counterbalance 6 Wheel Pneumatic Tyres

Built to combine exceptional lifting performance with money-saving fuel economy, the TREXiA 7.0 tonne diesel counterbalance is the ultimate forklift for demanding applications.

At its heart is a turbo-charged, fully emission compliant, four cylinder engine that delivers exceptionally high power while actually reducing particulates emissions and fuel consumption. 

Highly intuitive to drive, TREXiA provides the precise, quiet and effortless performance that enables operators to maximise their potential, whatever the working environment. Year in, year out. In short, it’s everything you’d expect from a Mitsubishi forklift... and then some.


Top Features:

  • Low counterweight design provides optimum visibility during reverse operations.
  • Clean and lean running engine exceeds Euro Stage IIIB emission requirements, for significantly reduced levels of particulate matter (soot) during operation while enhancing overall performance and reliability.
  • Rugged design features heavy-duty frame – reinforced to minimise stress points during heavy lifting operations.
  • Turbocharged four cylinder engine delivers the power of a 5.0L engine in a 3.4L package for reduced fuel consumption and increased efficiency.
  • EngineProtect as standard continuously monitors and regulates RPM levels – reducing power out put when vital fluids are low to reduce risk of damage.
  • Fully enclosed wheel arches protect vital components from dust – minimising risk of premature failure and minimising noise.
  • RapidAccess features include quick-release floor and steel said panels – no tools required – for faster daily inspections.
  • Full-suspension vinyl seat offers complete lumbar support – keeping operators comfortable through the longest shifts.
  • Low-noise design features rubber-mounted components, fully insulated steel engine hood, helical gears and enclosed wheel arches for maximum operator comfort.


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